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Enfield Pistol Values

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Topic: Enfield Pistol Values
Posted By: The Apprentice
Subject: Enfield Pistol Values
Date Posted: March 08 2022 at 4:57pm
Gentlemen I need help I am looking at some Enfield pistols and I see some different models 
1 if they look to be very clean and the stocks are in good shape what are they worth?

2. what is a Abalone pistol I understand it was made by a car maker for only a year or 2 what are they worth .

Thank you for any tips or suggestions 

New to Enfield’s

Posted By: Goosic
Date Posted: March 08 2022 at 5:53pm
I had a 1943 No2Mk1 that I purchased for $450.00.
Sold it 2 years later for $450.00.

Posted By: The Apprentice
Date Posted: March 08 2022 at 6:07pm
Originally posted by Goosic Goosic wrote:

I had a 1943 No2Mk1 that I purchased for $450.00.
Sold it 2 years later for $450.00.

Thank you Mike how long ago was this?

New to Enfield’s

Posted By: Goosic
Date Posted: March 08 2022 at 7:31pm
2 months ago.

Posted By: A square 10
Date Posted: March 08 2022 at 8:18pm
thats a good value for the enfield no2 revolvers without seeing or handling it , ive seen some id not give $50 for and others id gladly give $500 for , condition is everything , 

there were three basic versions , the mkI [has the hammer spur-SA/DA ] , the mkI*  [no hammer spur SA/DA ] , the mkI** [no hammer spur - SA only] , and there was the webley no2 mkIV revolver , these were all in 380 cal , 
the no1 revolvers were webley 455s in mkI thru mkVI ,  there was also an enfield no1 mkVI - just for the record , 

there were 5 different grip scale variants , mkI checkered walnut 1927-1934 , mkI reeded walnut 1935-1938 , mkII reeded walnut thumbrest with brass marking disc 1938-1942 , mkII reeded walnut thumbrest no disc 1942 , and the mkIII bakelite thumbrest with brass marking disc 1942-1945 , 
there is info in stamps/skennertons book on what prefix fits where to help you be certain the right ones are on your dated revolver where there is overlap , 

the enfields were all marked with the date of manufacture as well as the mark number on the right side above the trigger but some had a lot some a little info there , the albion and HAK revolvers' are very clearly marked as such there , 
the webleys are marked "war finnish" to note that they deviated from their standard 'better' finish to expedite for the war effort , 

now - the albion revolver was the one made in scotland and you cant buy mine for less than $750 , the HAK was made in austrailia and there were only about $350 made so ill not even hazard a guess on one of those ...except to say i could have bought one for about $300 once but some jacka$$ cut the barrel to 2" and destroyed a priceless collector piece , 
be certain to do your research before you buy , 

Posted By: AussieShooter
Date Posted: July 07 2022 at 7:13pm
Every time I see a photo of that gun cabinet, I get a little green with envy.  It's a ripper.Dead

"Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges" - Tacitus
The more corrupt the state, the more it legislates

Posted By: A square 10
Date Posted: July 07 2022 at 7:48pm
thank you sir , it was one of two in my office years ago , not high quality cabinetry , but i wanted a rustic look that highlighted what was in it , 

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